Excerpted from the book "ASKCEPTANCE"

Copyright© Maynard and Leanne Dalderis
The Chicken Dance
 To achieve any of your goals, there is the assumption that there is something you have to do before they can be achieved. It is like a ritual you perform each time there is something you want. You have thought that is has been the ritual that has brought you your results -- it has been a certain reaction, a certain way of doing things that, if not done, will result in the goals being unobtained. We call it the chicken dance.

 Have you not seen that animals, if fed under certain conditions, will begin to adopt various positions and attitudes before they are fed? We can see that the various positions they assume have nothing to do with getting fed. We can also see that chickens believe that the motions they are performing are directly responsible for them being fed. We can see that the chickens believe if they were not going through these antics that they would not achieve their goal. It is easy to see in chickens.

 We ask you to see the same patterns in yourselves. Each of you has a strange set of beliefs, motions, and attitudes that you think are necessary to attain your goals. You believe these motions must be acted out before you can ask for what you want. You believe that if these activities are not carried out by you, you will fail in any attempt to get what you want, and so you begin your "chicken dance".

 Let us say this: Anger is a chicken dance, frustration, procrastination, sadness, struggle, dis-ease, tiredness, worry, paying for, pain, deserving, and so on. You have a strange belief that these dances must be enacted before you can claim your goal, before you are deserving of achieving that goal. Even stranger, you have never thought even to question this belief. You have never thought to say, "There is another way of looking at this." You just begin the dance and wonder why life need be so difficult. ...


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