Excerpted from the book "Do You Have Moment"

Copyright© Maynard and Leanne Dalderis

I Resist, Therefore I Am

 You believe your resistance is your birthright. You believe it defines who you are. You believe it is necessary to keep others in line; to keep their will as distinct from yours. You believe: "I resist, therefore I am." So proud are you of your resistance, that you think it is responsible for your existence. It is you against the entire universe, with which, if you were to join, you would be lost. You think resistance prevents you from being a victim. You believe resistance is your savior. You worship resistance thinking that if you do not have any other quality, at least you have your resistance.

 So dependent are you on resistance to define who you are, that you believe if you stopped resisting, you would be lost.

 You resist each other, you resist yourselves, but most basically, you resist God.

 However, you have one small problem in keeping this resistance. All your search for the Truth points to the letting go of your resistance. All your opening to Truth requires that you let go of all you thought to be true. This brings much fear, for you think your resistance is all that keeps you from disappearing.

 All dis-ease, conflict, and fear is borne of your resistance to God's Will. Yet this has not affected your admiration for resistance nor led you to question your own resistance.

 It boils down to this: You are either Love or you are resistance. What you do not see is that it is your resistance that keeps you unaware of Who you truly are.

 Do you not see -- in your insane world you must resist everything to survive? What will be left if you do not have resistance? -- all that will be left is the Love that you truly are.


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