Excerpted from the book "Opening to Healing "

Copyright© Maynard and Leanne Dalderis

Have You Made A Decision For Wellness Today?
 Just for today I would like to admit where I am wanting to control a situation
rather than letting it be healed.

 Just for today I will see what my mirror is reflecting to me.

 Just for today I will ask for a little willingness to choose Wellness.

 Just for today I will let in the support of my brothers.

 Just for today I will give myself and others freedom from the limits I have made.

 Just for today I will do what is of value to me. I will accept where I am with no excuses and ask to be gently shown beyond wherever I feel stuck.

 Just for today I will turn my thoughts to how well I want to be. How that is to be accomplished, I do not know, but Wellness, Peace, is my goal.

 Just for today I will see what gifts my brother has to offer me. Just for today I will consider another way beyond my solutions and,

Just for today I will give up judgment on this other way and simply be willing to consider it.

 Just for today I am open to considering how well I could be if I but choose Peace -- just for today.


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