Excerpted from the book "Where is Your Worth? "

Copyright© Maynard and Leanne Dalderis
To All It May Concern
 There is no beginning nor is there an end. There is only somewhere in your confusion, the start of a willingness to see beyond that which is hurting and seems unending in its pain. Pain is not necessary, but it is necessary to look at why you have felt the need of it.

 Only the Peace of God is real. Only Joy is real. Let us take a look at your creations so you may see you have a choice to release them.

 You have so many "broken" relationships. You have them scattered over your past, like broken toys you have no longer been able to play with. There is much pain here. You feel that love has broken these relationships. We say it is time to see that Love, and not the love you have created, can heal any relationship.

 You have avoided looking at all these broken relationships because you have thought - that would bring you pain. You walk wounded and afraid into "new" relationships where the fear of having the past repeated ensures the present to be one of apprehension and distrust.

 It is time to be told gently: You have been mistaken. Mistaken in your ideas of both hurt and of Love. It is time to avoid nothing. It is time to see past your hurt and it is time to let the Peace of Joy and Love into your heart. We will share opening with you. We will share acceptance; and we will share Peace. We invite you to share it with us. We invite you to bring your illusions and doubts to these pages to have them dissolved. We invite you to bring yourself and your relationships to see them clearly for the first time and to see the tremendous Love that is there. We invite you to share the Peace of God, not as you have understood Him, but as the Peace and Joy which is all around you. -- The Guides 

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