Origins and Causes of Spiritual Seekers Syndrome

What is the Spiritual Seekers Syndrome?

Looking deep into the contributing factors, one may say that it is the wanting to control life, wanting to control spirituality, that is the problem. "God, give me guidance, but have it go in this direction." Seeking and giving oneself totally to Spirituality, with total abandon, without control, may be the ultimate solution. Stepping on the accelerator in spiritual quest and applying the brakes of self-management, manipulation, and control may really twist the body with what appears to be good "in-tensions". We literally become twisted, warped, not straight. We nicked named this Spiritual Seekers Syndrome as the "controloholic twist". And because this term was not too flattering, nor glamorous, we renamed this affliction Spiritual Seekers' Syndrome (SSS). Perhaps a more appropriate term would be the "wanting to control spirituality syndrome".