Vita-Flex -- Color Therapy -- Master Cleanser

In conjunction with with some of the world's foremost healers, Maynard Dalderis has developed these practical Healing tools. Maynard offers to share these powerful tools with Health Practitioners and the public.
These simple methods are second to none. They are more effective than chemicals and medications and leave no adverse side effects. We experience that indeed, "The mind is the river through which the body flows." 


Vita Flex is an energizing cousin to reflexology. It works by a specific finger pressure application to unblock the flow in one's electromagnetic field. Aches, pains and structural changes respond most often in a matter of seconds without any harmful side effects. 

Color Therapy:

All accelerated well-being begins and ends with color. Whether it is food, herbs, medicine, massage, or any other health system, it is basically a subtle exchange of color. This color can be absorbed by one's energy field (aura) directly from a light projector, without any adverse side effects. 

Master Cleanser:

(The Lemonade Diet) is a very powerful internal body cleanser, as well as a nutritious builder. It has been known to rid the body of pollutants previously termed "incurable". 
Maynard is available to share the Wellspring Release , and other healing techniques through groups, lectures, demonstrations, and seminars. He may be contacted by phoning: (403) 282-9395 or by faxing: (403) 284-4625 or by E-mail at: 
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